I took this picture on the 100th day of Covid Quarantine. There’s hope at the end of the rainbow.

My name is Sherryn Gaworecki (formerly Sherryn Daniel) and I am starting a brand new blog. I created and managed Sherryn Daniel’s blog and created and founded Sharing the Details over the past 10 years, with great success for Sherryn Daniels’ blog and fun memories tied to both projects.

For my new website, all content will be written by me and only original (new) content will be published on this website. Back in the day, when I had fresher eyes, blogging was a creative pursuit where I can craft funny posts and help small businesses, brands, and even celebrities get much needed support during trying times.

As time passed, and other hands commanded creative control, my true motivation for blogging got lost in the process. I want this new website to start and end on an honest, original, note.

My new website will be a personal blog. Like when I started Sherryn Daniel’s blog, I want to make it honest and genuine. Much like every other personal blog there will be poignant entries about life and whatever makes quarantine less intolerable.

I am also a freelance writer and editor if you need help with your website, small business or non profit.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at Sherryn@SherrynGaworecki.com

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