It’s not goodbye, it’s a short summer hiatus…

I took a birthday selfie after I gorged on an entire raspberry, swirl, pig-shaped cake. It was totally worth it.

As much as I love blogging and gabbing about random things with you, I do have to take a break. I plan to use this carved time for self development, personal growth, and to become Sherryn 2.0.

It’s never too late to develop who you want to be from where you are. It all really depends on you and the effort, time, and consistency you put out. We are all capable of growth, it only takes having a growth mindset.

Until then, I am going to gab about donuts (which I love), why people should donate to help India with the Covid crisis, and how truly cool Chelsea Krost is.

Why I love Donuts

Donuts are like mini cakes with a hook. A mini celebration for the morning that extends my gut, entices my eyes, and an easy-to-buy treat to make a friend, coworker, or loved one’s day sweeter.

Over the years, I would bring Krispy Kreme donuts into work on Fridays (Pre-Covid quarantine days). I always made sure I bought enough to share with everyone. Everyone deserves a little bite of the weekend at work.

As a kid growing up, this was a staple at my house. My dad would bring home an eclectic box Dunkin Donuts filled to the brim with chocolate frosted, glazed, powdered sugar, strawberry, jelly filled, bavarian cream, boston cream, and french crullers. If you ever want to keep your carb and sugar count low, I highly recommend snacking on the French cruller. It’s only 10 grams of carbs.

As my taste buds matured (thanks to all of the Michellin dining over the years), I wanted a more deluxe donut. Often times when I traveled out of state, I had to check out gourmet donut shops such as Voodoo donuts in Portland Oregon, Fractured Prune Donuts in Rehobeth Beach, Delaware, and being one of the first to get a ‘cronut’ at Dominique Ansel’s Bakery in New York City.

Donuts have always been a source of comfort for me over the years too. On sad, angry, and even frustrated days I knew a donut awarded me sweet, contemplative joy. A quick fix me up and I always stick to one. Going past one donut felt like a glazed, sugar-shock, sin.

Over the past few months, I would savor either a chocolate frosted with sprinkles or a french cruller on either a Saturday or a Sunday. My little escape from a busy week so to speak. On truly special weekend days I would stop by Krispy Kreme, inhale the sugary goodness in the air, detachedly observe the donut conveyer belt, and order a ‘donut of the month’.

As of today, I am pushing donut time as a personal reward. Work hard, donut hard.

Donate to India for Covid Crisis

Photo by Darshak Pandya on

With only two percent of India vaccinated, much of the country is vulnerable to a second way of Covid-19. Not only that, much of the population is affected by new variants of Covid. Hundreds of thousands of citizens have died, funeral homes are packed, and there’s a lack of food, medical supplies, and oxygen tanks across the country.

India needs donations and support from all over the world. This country has been a great ally to so many nations and I know a dollar can stretch much farther an rupee could.

Many Indian and South Asian americans have family overseas in India, and several of those members are affected by the virus. Being texted, whatsapped, or directed messaged about a dead aunty, uncle and grandparents is painful. It’s a tremendous amount of grief to say the least.

A great way to support India and even your South Asian American coworkers, friends, spouses, family members, and acquantances is to show empathy and to also donate to a non-profit that is directly providing international aid.

Here are organizations that provide tremendous help.

1.) Mission Oxygen

2.) Khalsa Aid India

3.) GiveIndia

4.)Feeding from Far

5.) Khaana Chahiye

Chelsea Krost

Borrowed from a millenial-based website.

Chelsea Krost is America’s leading millenial influencer. She’s an author, television and radio host, executive producer, health coach and entrepreneuer.

I met her several years ago at Washington D.C’s startup millenial week. She was the keynote speaker on social media branding and I learned so much from her. Chelsea was personable, kind, easy to talk to and candid. I wanted her advice on my successful website, Sherryn Daniel’s blog. She gave me a run through, loved all of my celebrity posts, and told me to look into my top 5 posts. She advised me to analyze the stats, examine why those posts do well, and emulate more posts like that in order to garner more counter hits.

I took her advise in later years, and it was primarily those posts that garnered the most unique viewer hits. I learned about unifying my brand and about posting consistently as well. Chelsea is honestly the best! She also teaches a kick-ass Linkedin course on personal branding too! I am sure many of you on Linkedin have seen her course.

I recently had the opportunity to contribute a blog post for her website This article will launch on Monday, May 3, 2021 at 8:00 a.m.

You can visit to read the new post.

Keep in Touch!

Although I am taking a short Summer hiatus, I would love to hear from you all.

Feel free to email me at or follow me on the following social media sites:

Instagram- @SherrynGabSesh

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If you have any blog topic ideas, new conversation topics, or want to say hi contact me whenever.

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