I dont normally get coffee drinks overpowered with cream, sprinkles, and sugar but I was enthralled. Deeply enthralled with the way the butter pecan sundae iced coffee looked. Dunkin did it again!

I’m back to my coffee drinking ways. When I used to work in the office, I would drink a medium bodied drink that dripped from an off-brand Keurig. The brew was delicious if you add in the right amount of splashy creamer, and sweetener. As a remote worker, I downloaded the Dunkin App as a way to streamline order time and earn points on my daily purchases. I would get to Dunkin at 7:00 am (or earlier), walk in, and pick up my usual iced coffee blend.

My daily Dunkin runs are a monetary splurge, an inconsiderate way for me to waste my hard earned cash. If you want to save money for the long haul, it’s wiser to spend $30-60 on a decent coffee brewer and just brew your own blend every morning. A bag of high-end coffee beans runs for $8.00-$14.00, and that’s much cheaper then spending $3.00-$5.00 a day on coffee. Common sense tapped my head the other day so I am on a digital prowel for the perfect coffee maker for me and hubs. Until a decision is made, I plan to ingest copious amounts of Dunkin coffee until my blood bleeds caramel cold brew with white foam.

Some of you may ask, why Dunkin? I may have gleaned an answer about that in previous post (probably not) but I choose Dunkin over Starbucks for multiple reasons.

Photo by Kevin Menajang on Pexels.com

Why Dunkin Beats Starbucks

1.) Dunkin tastes smooth and delicious, not burnt. Although I am also a fan of Starbucks white chocolate mocha lattes, many of its’ blends (minus the blonde roast) have a charred after taste too me. Even seasonal blends such as gingerbread, pumpkin, and peppermint, combine two diametrically opposing flavors together in my mouth which is char and sugar syrup. My taste buds differ from the next person, and I am not a professional coffee expert. I simply prefer smooth coffee, no complications, with enticing syrups.

2.) Dunkin is affordable. It’s an easy experiment, just purchase similar drinks and see the price difference. You’re getting equal amounts of caffeine, cream, and sugar but you save more dollars with Dunkin. The app basically gives you free drinks for every 3-4 purchases too.

3.) Dunkin is for everyone. Go to your local Dunkin and you will not see fancy words for medium, large or small. The people at your local Dunkin work hard at their jobs, dress in every day apparel, and say please and thank you. Often times, Dunkin is part of a franchise so money earned from each Dunkin store goes directly to families. Another personal quirk that I really love about Dunkin is that I do not need to dress up to grab a drink or donut. I’ve had matted hair, worn an ill-fitted shirt, and wore a non-flattering purse one morning and no one’s heads turned in my direction. Dunkin is lowkey awesome that way.

4.) Better snack pairings at Dunkin. I will admit that Starbucks snacks have a halo-effect, and are more health-conscience. Dunkin actually has homemade pastries, sandwiches, and snacks that will satiate your sweet and savory side at a price conscious rate.

5.) Dunkin is everywhere. No matter where you go, you will see a Dunkin with a convenient Drive through adjacent to the store. There’s one on every street corner. After the pandemic, there are less Starbuck stores in your local neighborhood.

I have met Pro-Starbucks and Anti-Dunkin folks, and I always refuse to argue with them. Again, we all have different taste buds and want different coffee experiences. I believe we all can look past our differences and get along over a cup of joe.

Other things on my mind


If you know me well enough than you must know that I love grocery shopping. I love to look up deals, figure out dinner options, and select affordable cut flowers for my dinner table. Lately i’ve been flexing between Trader Joes, Lidl, and Sam’s Club to select necessities, niceties, and beyond. Lidl has amazing deals on vegetables yet Trader Joes has an eclectic range of frozen dishes. Sams Club rules all in bulk purchases though.

I recently downloaded the Lidl app and was able to score deals on meats, veggies, and pastas each week. When I am in a fancy mood, I buy french inspired dishes, flowers, and certain ready made dinners at Trader Joes. I don’t know any other place that sells New Zealand water (tastes like cloud juice) and Florentine Laceys at a decent price.


There’s a strong debate in Hollywood about how often one should shower. Showering and personal hygiene is a personal choice, and no one should judge another person based on that. With that said, have you ever considered using shower time as self care time?

If you can carve enough time, you can use a fancy soap made from Italy (visit TJ Maxx for a discount), an invigorating shampoo, and an exfoliator for your body. Afterwards, use rich lotions, perfumes, and anything else that will boost your mood for the day. You can feel like royalty for a dime and use shower time to pursue that.


I’m on the lookout for a new book to read. Any recommendations? Have you read a fiction book that pushed you into a whole other world? Was there a best seller (or an old seller) that changed your mindset on current affairs?

Feel free to comment below.

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