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Beef tongue Mexican street tacos from El Guapo.

It seems like two years ago that the COVID-19 pandemic spread like wildfire, isolating families in their homes, and preventing people from going out for fun. The only time people went out was to grab groceries or medicine from their local pharmacy, with a mask on, possibly gloves on. Making sure there’s enough space between you and a random schmoo so you don’t catch this virus hidden in peoples spit. Ugh!

Although the virus is still lingering, claiming hundreds of lives daily, it’s safe to say that many of us are returning back to normal. By people taking the vaccine, washing hands, and having more COVID-19 medication made available for anyone infected, there’s leeway in returning back to normal. It’s okay to risk your life for a southern pork chop smothered in gravy and onions at a crowded restaurant in Fells Point—in 2022.

Exploring different cuisines or even embracing classic dishes remains one of my favorite pastimes. Normal, to me, is discovering a new restaurant without reservations of being a pandemic statistic.

Inside this pastry box is a delicious alfajores with dulce de leche filling from Dulceology. I googled donuts and ended up here on a whim.

I used this Summer to divest myself from leisure-wear, embrace modern-chic attire, while dining inside or Al fresco at local restaurants. Leisure-ware reminds me of the pandemic, since that’s all I wore when I worked during it. Dressing in sleek dresses, flowy blouses, and tight jeans takes me back to 2019. And when I dine out, I want to dress to impress—myself.

I’m in Brooklyn, New York wearing a Summer Dress from Ann Taylor. I had this refreshing iced hibiscus tea from Brooklyn tea and scrumptious chocolate croissant from Sarraghina Cafe.

This Summer I forayed into Mexican street tacos, Italian chocolate croissants, dulce de leche alfajores, Korean Kimche-jigae soup from H-Mart, chicken gyros from Yeero, and simple soft serve at Camden Yards.

Okay, so I wanted more than just hot dogs and Cracker Jacks

Food tasted so much better, without a mask, without a sense of dread, and without isolation. Sharing meals with friends and family in the Summer breaks the thick pandemic-infused phobia of social connection leading to penultimate death.

Have you returned to dining life? What is your take on post-pandemic life?

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