Homemade funfetti cake with multi-colored frosting.

Life after 2020 hasn’t been the same. Not only have the lingering fears of the Covid-19 pandemic continue to strain public outings, but it has indirectly impacted our current economic state.

Inflation has steadily been on the rise, and each month, more than a 2% increase of food, gas, and utility costs has gradually tightened wallets, and dwindled food, utility, and rental budgets for so many Americans nationwide.

With prices on the rise, more consumers are concocting creative ways to stretch a dollar and save money.

Did you know that more upper middle class families with a combined household earning $100k a year, are going to the dollar tree more? Consumers can save on bath, kitchen, gift, party, and even some food costs by taking a trip to their local dollar tree.

Although, technically, items are now priced at $1.25 a piece, you still save much more money on basic food and home items.

Cookie dough and vanilla frosted funfetti cupcakes.

I went to the dollar store to pick up aluminum foil and baking gloves, and ended up buying Pillsbury cake mix, Duncan brownie mix, Pillsbury frosting, and cupcake wrappers. I was surprised, but not alarmed, that the Dollar Tree carried coveted name brand items.

If you’re also missing measuring cups, baking trays, bowls, oils, whisks, and even mixing spoons, surprisingly, the dollar store carries a gamut of baking supplies. For a fraction of the cost. Betty Crocker has an exclusive kitchen line at Dollar Tree.

I baked cakes and cupcakes and yielded great success from these mini dollar tree adventures. Everything tasted really good and looked somewhat professional. When you bake at home (especially boxed cupcake and cookies) you save more money than purchasing one cupcake at a local bakery.

Whenever I make a trip to a bakery in the city or even in the county, I end up spending $4-$8 on one cookie, cupcake or any dessert. when I bake cookies, brownies or cupcakes using boxed sets from the Dollar Tree, I end up with enough baked goods for 1-2 weeks and I only spent a fraction of the cost.

If you have a deep-seated fear of walking into the Dollar Tree, and coming off as a cheap person, than you’re surely going to miss out on the greatest baking secret. You can purchase name brand baking mixes, frosting, and related ingredients without going broke.

Do you shop at Dollar Tree? What deal did you find? Comment below.

This post is not a sponsored or affiliated post for The Dollar Tree or for Pillsbury or Duncan related products. All opinions are my own. All items featured have been purchased by me.

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