Visit your local Dollar Tree with an open heart and a budget.

I’m not sure if it’s maturity or time, but many of my newer posts tend to be focused on what’s “budget-conscious” yet delicious. I’m sensing a new website theme brewing…

Anyways, Inflation, rising food and utility costs, are affecting so many consumers that it’s directly affecting holiday planning. Halloween may not be as splashy as Christmas nor as scrumptious as Halloween, but it’s a holiday that can burn a hole in your monthly budget.

Shrinkflation has been increasing the prices of candy, but reducing the ounce size being sold. This notion also directly affects making homemade Halloween treats too. With Halloween candy prices on the rise, the next best option is to bake something delicious for your home.

If you visit your local grocery store for supplies such as vanilla extract, frosting, sprinkles, flour, sugar and beyond, you will be able to add up how costly baking from scratch can be. A part of you wants to spend a lot on pricy candy and pricy baking supplies, but you need to save money for day-to-day expenses too.

What’s a girl to do?

Visit your local Dollar Tree and simply purchase a Pillsbury basic chocolate, vanilla, white cake or funfetti cake mix for just $1.25 a piece. Frosting cans range from chocolate, vanilla, funfetti, cream cheese, strawberry, hot pink and even cookie dough—if you are lucky! You may even find multi-colored sprinkles, baking pans, baking sprays, cooking oils, and Betty Crocker oven mitts if you walk around the store.

Although spending $1.25 detracts from the ‘good ole’ days’ of just spending a buck at The Dollar Tree, this price increase has yielded a better selection of baking and candy related items. I can bake chocolate cupcakes with Oreo funfetti frosting, topped with dia de los muertos skull decorations, without going over a budget. Imagine going to your local grocery store and attempting to bake this from scratch, without splurging on a few ingredients? I can assure you, these budget-conscious cupcakes are equally delicious than cupcakes made from scratch. They are also great for picky-eaters since it’s basic and not too demanding.

Plus, any extra dollars saved from my baking trip to The Dollar Tree can go into an impressive but affordable candy fund. I can spring on Godiva, Lindt, and related fancy chocolate brands at the same store, if I wanted too.

Halloween decorations comprised of outdoor, indoor, crafts, candy, figures, cards and dining related items are at a perfect price point. No one can beat a dollar. Most items I’ve found at the store are a strong imitation of stuff you can find at your local discount, grocery, or pharmacy store.

Although Halloween is tomorrow, it’s not too late to celebrate with a cupcake and an affordable piece of candy. What are interesting baking or candy that you’ve discovered at your local Dollar Tree?

This is not a paid, affiliated, or sponsored post. I purchased all items from The Dollar Tree.

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