Sherryn G

This is a picture of me in Brooklyn, New York on February 2020. Before Covid Quarantine took place and before it got a little too crazy.

My name is Sherryn (Like the drink “Sherry” with an “N” at the end) and I’m a woman with a unique name. Wherever you go, I assure you will meet Sharon’s, Sherry’s, Shereens and the like. I hope to be the first “Sherryn” in your life that you can truly connect with. It’s a tall order, I know, but that’s what I aim for. A genuine connection in this digitally, isolated, quarantine world. Covid Quarantine taught me not to take the little things for granted.

Before Quarantine, I would: thrift all over Baltimore county, play in kickball social league in Canton, go hatchet throwing at Stumpy’s in Towson, participated at Baltimore Free yoga classes, and rap karaoke by Remington. I also hung out with friends, explored new restaurants and bars in the city plus traveled to D.C on the weekends.

After Quarantine, I had to re-arrange my hobbies and downtime to include reading 1-2 books per month, listening to educational podcasts, daily nature walks around the neighborhood, nature poetry writing, yoga via youtube videos, zoom happy hours, Netflix binges, cooking more at home, video editing and virtual zoom interviews with comedians. As much as I enjoyed my new hobbies, a big part of me missed my social life before 2020. I missed being face to face with my friends (without a mask), hugs from loved ones, and even socializing without that fear of catching something from someone.

However, if it wasn’t for the struggles of 2020 I wouldn’t have met my better half (thus the name change). I had a real meet-cute in the heart of the city and an equally romantic wedding.

With all of these new life changes in place, I wanted to create a brand new website that is reminiscent of my successful website, Sherryn Daniel’s blog. It’s a new phase in my life and I want to share whatever I learn or whomever I interview with you. If you like what you read, feel free to follow the blog and leave comments below.

If you are interested in my freelance services, here’s a quick snapshot of my career: I have worked in gourmet food marketing, Food writing, NYFW Writing, SEO outreach, web editing, public relations, content writing, tv production, event promotion and fundraising for years. Because of this experience, I can manage a team, create videos, act, and promote on command. Email me at if you are interested in my acting demo reel or freelance writing portfolio.

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